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NEW! NaNoMarkets TOP Electronics blog
The NanoMarkets TOP Electronics Blog is the first site of its kind to tackle thin film, organic and printable electronics. The blog will offer analysis and commentary on a host of issues including markets, technologies, applications, materials, industry announcements, acquisitions, partnerships and design wins. The blog's content will come from NanoMarkets' Principal Analyst, Lawrence Gasman, NanoMarkets' esteemed colleague and respected industry expert, Dr. Bruce Kahn as well as invited contributors. NanoMarkets' ongoing research program will play a central role in the blog's commentaries.

NEW! Screaming Circuits blog
Screaming circuits, specialists in real-time prototype and short-run pc board assembly, announced a new blog designed to assist and inform electronic design and layout engineers. "We spend a lot of time looking at a lot of different components and thus get constant exposure to new parts and pcb assembly challenges" said Duane Benson, Screaming Circuits marketing manager. "We then study those parts and procedures independently and collect and summarize guidelines along with our best-practices." The blog allows near instant publishing of knowledge acquired from assembling a staggering variety of components under a diverse set of conditions.

Embedded Hardware and Software Technology
Technical writer Nick Flaherty maintains a blog for the emebedded electronics industry in Europe. Nick Flaherty is one of the UK's leading technology journalists, and a former editor of Micro Technology Europe magazine and launch editor of Automotive Electronics magazine. His blog pulls together trends and opportunities through exclusive news, video and comment that you might not have seen from sites dedicated to individual topic areas.

Speedline Technologies blog
Blogger Joe Belmonte looks at process development, process control, process optimization and other concerns of electronics manufacturers. Joe Belmonte has been a process engineer and process engineering manager in the electronics manufacturing industry for nearly three decades. Currently employed by Speedline Technlologies, Joe has in the past worked for Cookson Electronics Equipment Group/MPM and Motorola ISG. He is a member of the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) and Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). His articles have appeared in Global SMT & Packaging magazine.

Dr. Lasky
This regularly updated blog is penned by 2003 SMTA Founder Award winner Dr. Ronald Lasky and covers a huge spectrum of industry-related topics. Dr. Lasky has published over 40 technical papers, co-authored four books, chaired numerous technical sessions, delivered hundreds of executive briefings and technical presentations, and received fourteen patents and patent disclosures for technologic breakthroughs.

Dr. Lee
(Note: the link went to a blank page last we tried it.)

Gina Roos
Gina Roos blogs on enviornmental concerns in electronics manufacturing and other industries, covering RoHS, China RoHS, WEEE, REACH, the Battery directive, the EuP directive and more.

This blog is specific to Intertronics' product range and business news, but there is useful technical information to be found.

Rick Short
Marcom focused blog by Indium Corporation's Director of Marketing Communications is a refreshing business-focused industry-related blog.

Vijay Govindarajan
Strategic innovation - Industry transformation - Global leadership. Fast Company columnist and co-author of TEN RULES FOR STRATEGIC INNOVATORS Vijay Govindarajan offers insight for improving the business-side of your business.



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