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Thursday, 07 September 2006

Mike Tam shows some of the automotive parts using pressfit technology

WKK are safety conscious when demonstrating the MS2 chemical surfactant for solder recovery

Simon Lieuw introduces the new ICON i6 printer

The new tray fed version of the BPM Helix programmer

Abby Tsoi (KAL) congratulates BTU on the launch of their new
Pyramax 125

Kevin Laphen (Practical
Components) describes the new range of AMKOR dummy components

Tom Forsythe and Erik Miller manning the Kyzen booth

Dennis Rutherford explains why Cyberoptics offer the most reliable and repeatable 3D paste measurement system

Freddie Chan (KIC) announcing
the planned opening of the new KIC office in Beijing

Craig Wilson (Kester) outlines some of the new ITW philosophy that will drive Kester's future strategy

Fanny Lee (Europlacer) demonstrates the unique features in the Xpress placement machine

TYCO unveils their latest press fit system for large backplanes

Business was booming in Shenzhen last week at the annual Nepcon South China exhibition with a number of multi-million dollar orders confirmed. Alongside the brisk business was a number of innovative product launches, demonstrating the significance of this event in the electronics manufacturing calendar. Leading the rash of new product intros was a superb new XTF gun that accurately tested for the full spectrum of RoHS materials plus Beryllium, Selenium and Antemone. Manufactured with an upgradeable PDA plugged into the front that connects to computers by Bluetooth or USB, this is the only system on the market using Cobalt 57, which is less radio-active than other XTF machines and can penetrate materials to a depth of 8-9mm. LeadTracer is marketed in China by WKK Ltd. With a recent Boeing report claiming that up to 15% of all goods-inwards shipments is contraband, this is a must-have for all lead-free compliance agencies.

WKK exhibited another China first with the introduction of MS2 chemical surfactant, a solder additive that saves manufacturers up to 40% on their solder costs.

ICON Technologies launched two new printers to complement their i8 machine. The i6 is very competitively priced, without losing the functionality that ICON is known for. Their mainstay i8 printer has been made more user-friendly with the addition of  an automatic board clamp that handles 300 � 738mm boards, improved software and an ergonomic cover. At the top of their range, the i8+ comes complete with paste inspection and tooling. General Manager, Simon Leow said, �ICON offers the best value-led printers for today�s market. We are responding to market needs by introducing a new broader portfolio with improved cost-performance.�

BP Microsystems changed their name to BPM Microsystems to avoid clashes with the oil giant. At least their prices are not mirroring those of their Houston neighbour. One big success they did chalk up was the launch of the tray version of their popular Helix programmer, making them the first programming company to offer both stick-fed and tray-fed programmers in a desktop format. The Helix has a throughput of 800cph and comes with a range of nozzles to fit most die sizes.

BTU has had a long success story manufacturing in China. Their Shanghai plant has undergone three expansion phases. The new model Pyramax 125 was launched at the show. This 10 zone reflow oven was developed as a joint venture with their Massachusetts facility and offers a smaller footprint and lower nitrogen use with closed loop convection.

Practical Components introduced their unique range of AMKOR POP (Packaging o Package) dummy components to the China market on the WKK booth. CEO Kevin Lapin explained that the �AMKOR dummies are the exact size and weight of the original components.� Through a special OEM agreement with AMKOR, Practical Components are first to launch all new packages.

Kyzen reported that the market for their stencil cleaning, oven cleaning and hi-rel cleaning materials was huge in the Shenzhen area and they were gaining market share fast.

Aqueous Technologies launched an ultrasonic stencil washer that offered 1000 watts of cleaning energy in a closed-loop system. The zero-discharge machine filtered the used cleaning fluids through a unique micron and carbon filter, then deionised the water for reuse in the machine.

Cyberoptics demonstrated their SE300 Ultra solder paste inspector. With a 25 second cycle time and 100% 3D inspection, the SE300 claims to be the most accurate and repeatable in the market.

VJ Electronix have improved the heat transfer and distribution on the rework table of their Summit 1800 pick �n place thermal processing system. They have also fitted a new solder removal system, programmable X Y location finder for very small components and upgrade software with SPC capabilities.

KIC are enjoying record sales of their 24/7 oven profiling software and announced the opening of an additional office in Beijing to service the growing demand in China for their products.

Finetech exhibited their Fineplacer CRS10 rework station which can accommodate all types of advanced rework (SMT, BGA, small passive, flip chip, lead-free, etc.).  Better than 10 �m placement accuracy allows for rework of applications on high density packaged boards.  The system provides full functionality to handle the complete rework process and supports automated component placement and lift-off.

Essemtec�s goal of becoming the world leader for small- to medium-sized production equipment is on course with an installed base of over 4,000 machines worldwide. The new SMT Tower was announced at the show - an environmentally controlled storage cabinet capable of storing up to 4,000 components.

Kester are opening a new office in Guandong to provide local sales and support. Regional Director, Craig Wilson said the uptake of lead-free solders in China was around the 50% range, which he expected to extend to as much as 90% by the end of the year.

Polyonics opened a new office directly across the road from the Nepcon Shenzhen exhibition to distribute their range of lead-free compatible labels.

Europlacer claimed that their Xpress 25T placement machine offered the greatest flexibility in the market and was futureproof. Using their �Integrated Intelligence�, intelligent feeders and the 12 position Tornado� turret head, the machine can be easily reconfigured for any placement application. The turret head does not do multiple picking and can therefore perform as fast with one nozzle as it can with 12.

Assembleon launched the AX501 in Shenzhen. The AX501 can handle virtually any component type from 0105�s up to 45mm x 45mm. The system uses laser alignment  or an optional vision system. Using the Hover Davis die feeder, it can place up to 30,000 cph, offering die placement at SMT speeds. The AX series offers dispensing, separate fluxing and AOI with easy to gather data feeding corrective instructions back into a closed loop placement system.

TYCO demonstrated the AEP12T pin insertion machine, which can insert up to 22 large connectors into large backplanes. The system uses the patented �Action Pins� from TYCO-AMP and the tooling can be changed into any configuration as required. This solderless system uses automatic loaders and servomotors to insert the pins at the precise pressure required.

When questioned about the FCM system, CEO Leon Husson said, �There has definitely been some perception issues with our FCM concept, but I firmly believe that our parallel placement offers the fastest changeover time in the business.� With record visitor numbers to match the record sales on the floor, Nepcon Shenzhen confirmed its place as one of this year�s most dynamic shows.

With record visitor numbers to match the record sales on the floor, Nepcon Shenzhen confirmed its place as one of this year�s most dynamic shows. 




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